VFAF Official statement on vetting of Trent Leisy



Just over three years ago Stan Fitzgerald was named political director of VFAF Veterans for America First. In January 2023 Fitzgerald was named President.  In those three years over 200 endorsements were made with zero vetting errors. 

In those past three years dozens of Ambassadors were named with one human error in vetting. An existing Ambassador was deemed to be a likely leftist infiltrator. Fitzgerald took responsibility for an appointment he did not make and put into policy a vetting program process in June 2023 including background checks https://veteransfortrump.us/veterans-for-trump-to-implement-background-checks-before-adding-new-ambassadors-or-board-members/

Recently questions have arisen on the vetting of Trent Leisy. 

When a candidate gets to a zoom session with Stan Fitzgerald , the president of our organization , that candidate is vetted at that point.

Trent Leisy’s background check revealed a 2010 “criminal” incident of smashing a cell phone to which evidence of an X wife affair was documented in photos.  The later article by left wing media pertaining to children was deemed fake news sourced to X wife .

Trent Leisy had already passed secret service vetting to be in the proximity of 45 at that point and the referral for endorsement came from a highest level of respect in America First politics. All things considered Leisy was deemed fit for endorsement and the board approved kicking it up to a zoom with Fitzgerald.

In the last 48 hours serious accusations have been raised against Leisy with multiple media inquiry’s leading us to disclose this aforementioned process . In response our organization launched an investigation and will monitor the situation waiting for all the facts before taking any actions.

Respectfully Submitted

VFAF Ambassador Patrick Collis

VFAF Chief of Security

Veterans For Trump