Rescindment of Trent Leisy endorsement


On 11-27-23 our organization announced an investigation into the allegations lodged against endorsed candidate Trent Leisy. We released the findings of our criminal background check showing the allegations were unfounded , we also noted that Leisy had apparently passed secret service vetting coinciding with visits to Palm Beach.

The board has reviewed the video Leisy released today , and while he has every right to defend himself , we have advised the Leisy campaign he is not electable at this point and the controversy surrounding his campaign could , in our opinion, be damaging to the America First movement with verbiage taken out of context.

We again want to stress that at this point there is no evidence in the public domain to indicate the accusations have any merit. This decision was based on optics.

As Veterans and Law Enforcement we are expected to serve the country and its best interests , and not focus on self. We have suggested he give up his bid for congress to allow an electable MAGA candidate to enter the race.

All things considered we are officially rescinding our endorsement.

We will have no further comment as Leisy intends on legal proceedings against those who raised these allegations.

Veterans For Trump