Veterans for Trump to implement background checks before adding new ambassadors or board members.


Veterans for Trump and Veterans for America First will implement a background check policy effective immediately.  The organization will also lock entry at this point of new ambassadors or board members until after the 2024 presidential primary.  Those wishing to become an ambassador, or play a role with leadership, after the primary will be asked to pay for their own vetting process through Patrick Collis of Spartan Investigative services.

The organization notes it has a network connected with the former president’s team, sitting members of congress, high profile candidates and high-profile movement leaders. Because of this network and it’s role in the Trump campaign collation that makes it, and it’s leadership, a target for infiltrators attempting to hurt that campaign, or this organization, which has been effective in supporting the America First movement. 

The process will identify any potential security risks of unacceptable criminal history, agents of foreign governments, Democrats posing as Republicans, opportunists, con artists, habitual litigators , or people determined not fit for any reason to access high profile persons or members of the government.

“As President of this organization, which is now technically a corporation, I have what is essentially a fiduciary responsibility by law to protect its reputation ….. this legal obligation will be effectively carried out” said Stan Fitzgerald president of Veterans for Trump.

Veterans For Trump