The "America First" agenda promoted by the Trump administration focuses on domestic issues such as immigration, trade, and national security, with an emphasis on putting the interests of American citizens and workers above those of other nations or global entities. Our endorsement process focuses on selecting candidates who prioritize the interests of the American people and promote policies that align with the values outlined by the 45th president.

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To apply for an endorsement from Veterans for America First, please fill out our comprehensive application form. The application is designed to give us a complete understanding of your background, experience, and positions on key issues. It includes questions about your military service, if applicable, as well as your views on America First policies and current events. We also ask about your campaign strategy and fundraising goals. This information helps us evaluate candidates and make informed decisions about our endorsements. Please note that completing the application does not guarantee an endorsement from Veterans for America First. Our endorsement decision is based on a thorough review of all information provided and a live phone conversation with the candidate.

 If you believe that you align with the values and policies outlined by the 45th President’s “America First” agenda and would like to be considered for endorsement, please follow these instructions:


Please allow 3-5 business days for us to review it. After we have reviewed the infomration 


  1. Research candidate: Research the candidate running for office and determine whether the candidate aligns with the values and policies outlined by the 45th President’s “America First” agenda.
  2. Evaluate candidate’s track record: Evaluate the candidate’s track record and public statements to ensure that they have a consistent history of supporting policies and positions that align with our values.
  3. Evaluate the candidate’s platform: Evaluate the candidate’s platform and campaign promises to ensure that they prioritize issues such as immigration reform, trade policy, national security, and economic growth. Specifically, we would look for candidates who prioritize policies that put America and American citizens first, such as securing our borders, strengthening our military, promoting fair trade policies, and reducing government bureaucracy and waste.
  4. Conduct interviews: Video call interviews may be conducted with select applicants to clarify information provided on the application. Due to the extensive nature of our application, interviews will only be conducted if we have concerns that we would like the applicant to be able to explain. Please note, a phone call with the applicant is required for an endorsement to be issued. Following the review of the application, if we determine that the candidate aligns with our mission and values, a member of our team will contact the applicant to schedule a phone conversation.
  5. Make endorsement decision: Based on the results of the above steps, make a decision to endorse the candidate who best aligns with our values and mission, and communicate our endorsement to our members and the wider public.
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