Here, you will find the latest updates and breaking news related to our organization, Veterans for America First (VFAF), and our mission to elect Donald J. Trump as the President of America in 2024. We provide up-to-date information on our mobilization efforts, our outreach programs, and other initiatives aimed at supporting the America First agenda.

Veterans for America First Launches New Website to Support Grassroots Mobilization Efforts Veterans for America First has launched a new website to support its grassroots mobilization efforts. The website will serve as a hub for supporters to connect with the organization and stay up-to-date on its activities and initiatives.The new website features a variety of resources for supporters, including information on endorsed candidates, volunteer opportunities, and upcoming events. It also includes a donation page where supporters can contribute to the organization's efforts to promote America First policies and candidates.Veterans for America First is committed to building a strong grassroots network of supporters who are dedicated to promoting America First values. The new website will play a key role in supporting these efforts and connecting supporters across the country. Veterans for America First has partnered with other pro-America First groups to support candidates who share their commitment to promoting America First policies. The organization has worked closely with these groups to share resources and collaborate on grassroots mobilization efforts.The partnerships have been highly successful, resulting in increased support for America First candidates and greater awareness of the organization's mission and initiatives. Veterans for America First is committed to continuing these partnerships and building a diverse coalition of supporters who are dedicated to promoting America First policies.The partnerships also demonstrate the growing momentum behind America First policies and the importance of grassroots mobilization efforts in promoting these policies. Veterans for America First remains committed to supporting candidates who share their values and building a movement that puts America First.Veterans for TrumpTrump CampaignTrump Campaign CoalitionTrump 2016 CampaignTrump 2024 CampaignAdmiral KubicVlad LemetsJosh MaciausStan FitzgeraldAngie WongJared CraigTom Homan

VFAF endorsement of Elizabeth Helgelien for congress 2024 (NV3)

9-20-23 PRESS LINK: Veterans for America First AKA Veterans for Trump endorse former state rep Elizabeth Helgelien for Nevada Congressional district 3 announced Stan

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