VFAF issues Boycott New York statement



We the People must take a stand against the tyrannical State of New York. Veterans For America First , Veterans For Trump calls for a complete boycott of the State of New York.

Our nation has a long history of “Voting with Our feet,” and “Voting with Our purses” when we are disenfranchised by those in power. American Patriots and businesses must leave New York and allow the state to implode under their unAmerican policies. It is our Patriotic Duty to revolt against a tyrannical government. Boycotting is the peaceful revolt of the People.

New York was once a beacon of freedom and liberty for the world. The city was America’s first impression to diplomats, travelers, and immigrants from around the world. New York is no longer deserving of your business or citizenship. They have devalued both.

New York State is corrupt from the Dept of Housing, to the Courts, to the Major’s office:

1) Evicting Homeless Veterans to house illegal aliens;

2) Closing Public Schools to house illegal aliens;

3) Persecuting President Donald J. Trump with legal theories never used before and exorbitant penalties in a case with no losses or complaints;

4) Allowing BLM and Antifa to loot and pillage without consequence or redress for their victims;

And many more reasons …

Escapees of New York are welcome to Red States as long a you leave New York in New York.

Jared Craig – VFAF attorney and national ambassador.

Veterans For Trump