VFAF endorsement of Marine Colonel Chris Banweg for congress (OH-13)


“Colonel Banweg has served this country , he will serve the people of Ohio and implement America First policy in congress. Chris Banweg is the true America First candidate in the race and he has our full support and endorsement ” said Stan Fitzgerald VFAF President.

Chris Banweg is a business executive and a Colonel in the Marine Corps Reserve. In the private sector, Chris has held high-level posts in a wide range of industries, including financial services, manufacturing, and he currently works in the healthcare field.

The Banweg family fled Communist Yugoslavia after World War II, and his family’s escape from authoritarianism has informed his lifetime of citizen leadership and public service. After facing the perils of Communist leadership, his grandparents settled in Summit County, where Chris grew up.

During his time in reserve service with the Marine Corps, Chris was deployed three times; once to Afghanistan and twice to Iraq and the Middle East. His joint service deployments include stints with various Special Operations Commands. Chris currently serves in a disaster response role in the Marine Corps Reserve. Chris continued his commitment to the community by running for City Council in his hometown of Hudson, where he was the top vote-getter in the 2021 at-large Council election. Since joining City Council, Chris has fought to reduce property taxes and devote more resources to rebuilding or expanding the city’s core infrastructure, such as sewer, water, and roads.

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