VFAF endorsement of Jim Bennett for Congress GA03


Veterans for America First aka Veterans for Trump have issued an endorsement for Jim Bennett for congress in Georgia’s 3rd district.

“Jim Bennett is a true America First patriot who will implement the will of the people and not turn his back on President Trump like the establishment incumbent” said Stan Fitzgerald VFAF grassroots national president.

From Jim Bennetts website : Career politicians should not be re-elected. A career politician who voted for $16Tn+ in debt, voted against defending our southern border, or voted for any Omnibus spending bills authored by Nancy Pelosi should absolutely not be re-elected.

My opponent has cast these votes in the last 6+ years. He has been a politician since 1997. He votes for himself, his friends and his donors.

I rise to defeat my congressman who voted with Hakeem Jefferies nearly 50% of the time in the 117th Congress. I am running not as a career politician but as an energized servant leader… for you! LOWER TAXES. BORDER CONTROL. LOW CRIME. SCHOOL CHOICE with PARENTAL CONTROL. PROTECT WOMEN SPORTS. REDUCE THE TYRANICAL FEDERAL GOVERNMENT. EQUAL JUSTICE. CUT DEFICITS.

I have had the opportunity to serve our district as a State Committeeman, District 3 2nd Vice Chairman and a precinct chair of the Republican party. In the seven years I was a police officer, I received seven commendations reflecting my commitment to the citizens I was protecting. My opponent protects his donors.

I spent twenty-plus years as a successful businessman. I know how to bring jobs and lower taxes. My opponent has raised your taxes through inflation. I want to do this job for MY DISTRICT and MY FAMILY. I want to GET US BACK ON TRACK and then LEAVE! I will never be a career politician.

Veterans For Trump