Roger Farina named VFAF National Ambassador


“Roger Farina is a national hero and is doing amazing work in North Carolina to help Save America” said Stan Fitzgerald VFAF National president

Roger Farina, a distinguished aviation logistics, maintenance, and budgeting professional, has carved a remarkable career path marked by leadership, political savvy, and a keen understanding of marketing and communication.

Currently serving as an advocate for Veterans, Farina has consistently demonstrated his ability to lead, communicate effectively, and navigate the intricacies of government programs.

Farina’s commitment to veterans is evident in his advocacy role, where he assesses veterans’ needs and manages grant packages, delivering millions of dollars in benefits to deserving veterans and showcasing his leadership in navigating complex regulatory landscapes.

Farina served as a Manpower Program Analyst at the US Army Military Academy, where he honed his skills in analyzing and interpreting programming guidance. His ability to advise on programming policies and develop strategic plans speaks to his political acumen and leadership in the military domain.

Farina’s journey also includes academic leadership as an Assistant Professor at Virginia Commonwealth University. He mentored cadets to become leaders in the US Army. He showcased his marketing prowess by developing advertising campaigns for the military science department and initiating outreach programs to motivate students to join the ranks as an officer in the Army.

He was also appointed as a local county school board member due to his recognition as a leader in his community.

In the corporate sector, Farina excelled as a real estate and marketing project manager, coordinating multifaceted projects involving packaging, printing, and marketing. His skills in orchestrating the efforts of in-house and external teams demonstrate his knack for effective communication and project management.

His military career saw him travel the world to nearly 70 countries. His role as a maintenance test pilot on the CH-47 Chinook and AH-1 Cobra helicopters has given him a global view of the world.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Farina is recognized for founding the Western Harnett Chamber of Commerce in 2006, underscoring his commitment to community engagement. His leadership in recruiting members, promoting local businesses, and facilitating dialogue with government officials showcases his ability to bridge diverse interests.

A seasoned veteran in aviation logistics, Farina has held key roles such as Aviation Logistician and Budget Analyst at Fort Bragg and the US Embassy Military Group in Colombia. His meticulous financial management and analytical skills ensured the efficient utilization of budgets exceeding millions of dollars.

Educated with a master’s in public relations from Full Sail University and a Bachelor of Science in Liberal Arts from Excelsior College, Farina’s journey includes a commitment to continuous learning, reflected in his pursuit of un-matriculated Master-level credits at the University of Oklahoma and the University of Richmond. He has world-class experience in creating messaging via video medium.

As a certified FAA Commercial Rotorcraft Instrument Rated Pilot and a holder of various licenses, including real estate, Farina combines his leadership acumen with a diverse skill set.

Farina has served in a multitude of roles on the political spectrum. Being a leader in the local conservative
party to developing and running the Trump Campaign office in Fayetteville, NC 2016. He is a 5th-generation Republican staunch believer in the Constitution and the oath he took to protect her.

He has been an alternate delegate to the Republican National Convention twice and chosen as an alternate elector for the state of North Carolina supporting President Donald Trump.

He is the editor-in-chief of the conservative news site, Citizen Media News and has covered stories from January 6th, elections, removal of the speaker and visiting the border in Eagle Pass, Texas to name just a few. CMN believes the main stream media is definitively slated against our former president. CMN hopes to effectively change the narrative for not only President Trump but all conservatives across the country.

Lastly, Roger won the NHL Fan of the Year Award while deployed in Iraqi Freedom by showing his loyalty and commitment to his beliefs. He is a huge hockey fan from Long Island. Besides being a NY Islanders fan from his childhood days of watching his team win four consecutive Stanley Cups, he first gained admiration for President Trump during the same time when President Trump embarrassed Mayor Ed Koch in the renovation of the Central Park ice rink.

He has been married for 26 years and has three beautiful daughters who have attended Campbell University, NC State University and University of Charlotte.

His journey, marked by a commitment to veterans and community engagement, positions Roger P. Farina as a multifaceted leader in the aviation and military landscape and the political realm.

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