Veterans for Trump Spokesman Admiral Charles Kubic signs onto push that DEI be removed from DOD


Veterans for Trump aka Veterans for America First national spokesman Rear Admiral Charles Kubic joins 160 General and Flag Officers asking that DEI be removed from DOD.

Link to Letter :


Citing national security concerns, over 160 retired generals and admirals ask Congress to ensure no
diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) policies, programs, and funding are included in the 2024 National
Defense Authorization Act. In a May 2023 letter to the leadership of the House Armed Services and
Defense Appropriations committees, these retired flag officers warn the DEI programs are undermining
the military’s ability to first deter war and failing that, to fight and win our Nation’s wars

The operation was organized by Flag Officers 4 America

Link to Flag Officers 4 America press release:


Admiral Kubic was a foreign policy advisor to President Trump

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