Veterans for Trump makes a round of election integrity endorsements for Georgia GOP Seats



Veterans for Trump aka Veterans for America First makes four national endorsements based on election integrity efforts by candidates Caroline Jeffords , Salleigh Grubbs  , Marci McCarthy and Vikki Consiglio for Georgia GOP seats announced Jared Craig attorney and Georgia VFAF state chapter president.

Georgia is one of several ground zero states where conservatives across the nation still have questions about the 2020 election results.  While the Governor signed new election integrity bills into law since 2020 questions remain.

Some questions may be answered soon. Georgia Judge McFadden ruled on appeals court docket A22A1097 CAROLINE JEFFORDS et al v. FULTON COUNTY remanding the ballot case back to the Superior Court giving optimism for an audit of the ballots where more than the margin of victory are in question by local and national organizations reviewing evidence and statistics in the public domain.  

“At Veterans for Trump our ethos includes fighting Government corruption and for election integrity.  We have a strong base in Georgia that has been working for years on supporting these causes.  We strongly encourage our vets and former law enforcement to consider forming a VFAF state chapter and get involved with endorsement and support of state GOP candidates who will reverse the course of the establishment and fight for free and secure elections while exposing the weaponizing of our government agencies against the people” said Stan Fitzgerald Veterans for Trump national president.

VFAF national has made endorsements of four candidates based on their history and ongoing support of election integrity operations: Caroline Jeffords , Salleigh Grubbs  , Marci McCarthy and Vikki Consiglio. Delegates can vote for these candidates June 9th and 10th at the Georgia State Convention in Columbus Georgia.  A Georgia state chapter endorsement was also issued for Brant Frost based on the election integrity efforts of the GRA an organization which he leads in Georgia.

All the candidates will be featured on the John Fredericks show May 18th from 6am-10am live from Kennesaw Georgia.  VFAF President Stan Fitzgerald is scheduled to meet with Fredericks tonight as the organization ,with partners Angie Wong and Jared Craig , sponsor the Trump bus tours run by Fredericks promoting the Trump presidential candidacy and America First candidates across the nation.

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