Stan Fitzgerald addresses the evidence that 315K GA 2020 Ballots have no chain of custody with Kevin Moncla


KEVIN MONCLA Election over-site group questions 315K votes in Fulton County GA from the 2020 election which have no chain of custody. A technicality yes , but if only 11K of them are ineligible votes then ……. Trump won.


Over-site group :

Kevin Moncla with the election over-site group talks Fulton County GA 2020 election results with Stan Fitzgerald of Legacy PAC and Veterans for Trump.

Moncla and his network have worked with Kari Lakes team in AZ as well as many here in Georgia including Garland Favorito and David Cross.

Moncla has filed eight complaints (links to materials below)with the Georgia State Election Board , none of which have been adjudicated to date. The Kemp administration claims it was a perfect election yet these eight complaints are just part of the many unanswered proofs out there.

Out of the eight complaints filed the Moncla / Rossi complaint is most compelling for flipping the election results. The firm questions 20K votes with 17,852 ballots that are not verifiable. A hand re-count showed 9K for Biden but 3125 of those were counted twice. This complaint and evidence alone flip the results in Georgia yet we stand with Trump indicted and the Georgia governor claiming the results are accurate.

Moncla and Rossi Complaint | PDF | Elections | Science (

Other Complaints filed with the SOS awaiting adjudication :

Moncla Cross Demand Emergency Review 10-11-2022 SM | PDF | Democracy | Political Ideologies (

SEB Complaint – Cross – and – Moncla – 20221104 FINAL | PDF | Qr Code | Image Scanner (

Fulton County Early Voting Complaint | PDF (

SEB Complaint – Cross and Moncla – 20221107 – IR – Final | PDF | Bankruptcy | Bankruptcy In The United States (

Uncertified Election Day Poll Tapes Complaint | PDF | Image Scanner | Government (

Kevin M. Moncla David Cross | PDF (

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