Jon Myers for congress 2024 (VA7) endorsed by VFAF


Lieutenant Colonel Jon Myers USMC Retired has been endorsed by Veterans for America First AKA Veterans for Trump said president Stan Fitzgerald


Jon Myers is an American hero and proven leader. Jon will serve the people, he has our full endorsement and support.”— Stan Fitzgerald VFAF Veterans for Trump President

FREDERICKSBURG, VIRGINIA, USA, August 18, 2023/ — From the press room of L Strategies , the official press of Veterans for Trump :

Jon Myers has been endorsed for his 2024 run for congress in Virginia’s 7th district by VFAF

Jon Myers served as a US Marine Corps officer for 28 years. He is a highly decorated veteran of the Iraq War and many other campaigns. One of the most active intelligence officers and national security experts in the USMC, Jon participated in or personally led many of the most high-profile national security missions of the last 3 decades, including the rescue of Captain Scott O’Grady from Bosnia; the invasion of Iraq as a member of the 1st Marine Expeditionary Force; the Marine Corps response to the Benghazi terrorist attack; and the Marine Corps investigation of Edward Snowden’s theft of classified material. Jon retired in 2020 as a senior intelligence officer for the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs. In his civilian career, Jon has managed domestic security policy and budget for the US Department of State, and is a trusted consultant to both the US military as well as African and NATO partners on countering Chinese and Russian activities across Europe, Africa, and Scandinavia. As a retired Marine, Jon was a key player in the veteran-led effort to evacuate thousands of American citizens and verified allies during the chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan.

The national veteran’s organization is known for having a powerful primary endorsement

Myers recently discussed why he is running for office with reporter Neil McCabe

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