VFAF Veterans for Trump works with Mike Lindell to promote the Lindell Offense Fund


Veterans for Trump aka Veterans for America First will work to promote election integrity through the Lindell Offense Fund. The national veterans group volunteered to use their network and press room to help bring national awareness to the non profit.

Non Profit Website LINK:

From the website : For two and a half years the Lindell Offense Fund worked hard to create a multi-faceted plan to secure our votes and restore trust in our elections! Our concentrated effort on lawfare, legislation, grassroots organizing and the launch of our major media platform, FrankSpeech, and our election policing app FrankSocial, have been a huge success! We have activated millions of people who have been working tirelessly in their own backyards. With the support of our team of experts and professionals, the people are winning!

The Lindell Offense Fund fully vets the efforts, lawsuits, organizations and the projects it backs. With world class experts, a seasoned legal team and a commitment to stay Mission focused, The Lindell Offense Fund has proven to be strategic and effective in our efforts.

Now we are looking to you for your financial support to continue to scale our efforts. We must continue to provide imperative support for our legislative, legal, grassroots and media divisions. We need you.

VISIT : https://donate.lindelllegalfund.org/LindellLegalOffenseFund/Donate

Veterans For Trump