Harrison Floyd named VFAF Veterans for Trump Hero of the Month September 2023


Veteran Harrison Floyd named hero of the month, and appointed Ambassador, to Veterans for America First aka Veterans for Trump

Harrison Floyd, a combat veteran, who was recently indicted in Georgia with former President Trump has been named Ambassador and Hero of the Month by VFAF Veterans for Trump announced Stan Fitzgerald president of the grassroots national veterans’ group

Floyd joins other VFAF high profile board members and ambassadors with the organization: Admiral Charles Kubic (former Trump advisor) VFAF national spokesman, Tom Homan (former ICE director) advisory board, as well as Ambassadors J.R. Majewski (former Trump endorsed Vet for Ohio) General Don Bolduc (former Trump endorsed vet for NH senate) Debbie Dooley (Tea Party Co-founder) , Caroline Jeffords (Fulton County GA Ballot audit litigation) ,Courtney Kramer (former Trump admin and legal team) ,Seth Keshel (national election integrity expert), Christopher Tremogle (Journalist Washington Examiner) , Pastor Mark Burns (Pastors for Trump), Lucretia Hughes (Real News with Lucretia) , Theresa Shen (Asians for Trump) and many more influencers https://veteransforamericafirst.org/ambassadors/

The Veterans group will be supporting Floyd’s efforts with Give Send Go the Official Legal Defense Fund for Harrison Floyd and maintaining an ongoing working relationship with the Veteran with any future endeavors he may plan.



Veterans For Trump