VFAF Veterans for Trump working the Iowa Caucus for 45


VFAF Veterans for Trump working the Iowa Caucus for 45

GEORGIA – Tiffany Savage aka @patriot_savvy is leading a team of volunteers in Fulton County GA making calls for the Trump campaign to Iowa voters (Photos attached). Tiffany is our VFAF GA State Chapter political outreach director and officially with the Trump campaign.

IOWA- VFAF endorsed candidate Lt Col (ret) John Glen Weaver for Senate @JGWeaverNE will be speaking, stumping for Trump , at the Glenwood Iowa Caucus (5 precincts).

Sean George AKA Beard Vet @Beard_Vet is heading to Iowa now to stump for Trump and will be attending the Yuge! Victory speech by invite from Team Trump. Beard Vet is our VFAF Nebraska state chapter president (website coming soon)

NATIONAL – VFAF President Stan Fitzgerald @RealSFitzgerald supplied senior Trump campaign officials a volunteer list of over 100 vets nationwide to make calls from their home states into Iowa for 45.

The extensive national volunteer list was compiled in just the last two weeks by the VFAF SC State Chapter. National Operations director Chad Caton @ImFiredUp2

Caton worked with Vlad Lemets at the VFAF IT team to develop the speedy system which is expected to gain thousands of volunteers in time for effective Trump campaign boots on the ground.

Caton’s fellow SC Trump campaign team leaders Teddy Daniels and Robert Cornicelli @CPTCforSC are also successfully working on the project. SC Trump campaign officials have stated the VFAF SC State Chapter is the official arm of the SC Trump campaign as it is building a Save America SC Veterans for Trump Collation for 45.

To sign up go to https://veteransforamericafirst.org/documents/index.php/grassroots-coalition/

ONGOING EFFORTS – Chad Caton just returned from Baltimore officially representing the campaign, and VFAF, at a Kim Klacik event. Caton is expected to tour more speaking events nationwide.

SC VFAF Chapter VP Robert Cornicelli will be speaking on behalf of the campaign at the SC Berkeley County GOP Tomorrow

Georgia VFAF state Chapter President Jared Craig @JaredCraig4GA with Tiffany Savage aka @patriot_savvy GA VFAF political outreach director and Heather Mcisaac @LibertyValkyrie GA VFAF operations director will be stumping for Trump at upcoming Georgia gun shows.

Georgia is expected to have some big congressional race news after the Iowa Caucus and you will be able to catch Donna Fitzgerald VFAF National Ambassador with Stan Fitzgerald president on January 20th in GA3 at an event not yet public, keep an eye on social media for that pop up event coming in congressional district three. Also expect a list of Georgia endorsements for 45 by past and current elected officials to be published by the president soon.

The organization is working on a “Trump” documentary to help get the vote out for 45 https://www.einpresswire.com/article/679777486/ag-patrick-morrisey-has-filmed-for-the-forthcoming-vfaf-veterans-for-trump-documentary

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