VFAF Veterans for Trump travel to Israel meeting with the Knesset and IDF to work on combating PTSD and Veteran Suicide


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VFAF joined a delegation to Israel to strengthen relations between the US and Israeli Military to combat PTSD and Veteran Suicide said Cait Corrigan

This non-political mission accomplished much for learning new methods of PTSD treatment and border security. We as a nation need to improve on preventing veteran suicide and securing our border.”— Stan Fitzgerald VFAF Veterans for Trump President

WASHINGTON , DC, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, USA, September 21, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — From the L-Strategies press room – the official press of Veterans for Trump grassroots national :

New project led by Veterans Group aims to strengthen relations between US and Israeli Military to combat PTSD and Veteran Suicide , as well as study methods of implementing border security.

A study conducted by the Watson Institute at Brown Univeristy found that least four times as many active duty personnel and war veterans of post-9/11 conflicts have died of suicide than in combat, as an estimated 30,177 have died by suicide as compared with the 7,057 killed in post-9/11 war operations. (https://watson.brown.edu/costsofwar/papers/2021/Suicides)

Israel, our closest ally in the Middle East, has experienced a significant increase in suicide, now the leading cause of death, among Israeli Defense Force (IDF) soldiers. (https://www.timesofisrael.com/liveblog_entry/suicide-the-leading-cause-of-death-among-idf-soldiers-last-year/)

Project Masada, organized by the Montana Veterans Association (MVA) working with Veterans for America First AKA Veterans for Trump in a non-political mission , deployed a team during Suicide Prevention Awareness Month to Israel and Jordan to engage with Religious Leaders, IDF Commanders and Knesset Leaders to establish an IDF Friendship Center to support US and Israeli Military and Veterans, specifically those who have PTSD from Combat. VFAF Ambassador Cait Corrigan was part of the Project Masada delegation and represented Veterans for America First. Corrigan was on the ground in the Old City of Jerusalem, along the Gaza Strip border and visited the captured Hamas tunnels. Corrigan toured Sederot, known for being the most targeted city in Israel by rockets from Gaza, and spoke with Israeli military service members at IDF Military Bases about common concerns of national security between the United States and Israel. Corrigan spoke at the Israel Knesset about common goals both the United States of America and Israel are facing: regarding National Security and Military Veterans.

In Israel, military service is mandatory for all Israeli citizens, while in the United States it is voluntary. Not all complete their service, so 60% of the population are veterans. In the US, there are approximately 16.5 million veterans making up about 6.4% of the nation’s adult population.

Similar hardships that US and Israeli veterans face include transitioning from serving in combat to civilian life and suffering from PTSD due to the wounds caused by serving for their country.

Between both nations there is a societal stigma around soldiers, and male soldiers specifically – that men don’t need help and that if they are seeking help, they are weak. This couldn’t be further from the truth. When you are in the military, regardless whether you are in 3 years or 10 years, the brain changes.

With the significant increased suicide rates in our military population, it is imperative that we provide evidence-based psychotherapies developed specifically to target suicidal thoughts and behaviors. Israel’s Tel Aviv University’s National Center for Traumatic Stress and Resilience found that 5 to 8 percent of Israeli combat soldiers experience some form of PTSD, and during wartime, that figure rises to 15 to 20 percent. Project Masada met with hospitals and psycho-trauma centers in Israel to discuss outdoor recreational therapy programs such as equine therapy, hiking, fishing, as well as hyperbaric treatment programs that are helping Israeli veterans.

In the United States It is estimated that 22 Veterans succumb to death by suicide every day , often times due to the invisible wounds from fighting in combat. “I look forward to returning to Israel next year with Project Masada as we continue our work in establishing an IDF Friendship Center to serve US and Israeli veterans. We can no longer sit by the sidelines, action is beyond necessary. It is the least we can do to support those who laid down their lives for our freedom, security and prosperity” said Cait Corrigan VFAF National Ambassador

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