VFAF Veterans for Trump raise $25K for Green Star families in Montana.


Our government keeps putting illegal aliens above our own veterans. There are no efforts to support homeless veterans and veterans suffering from PTSD. Veterans for Trump is taking this issue into their own hands. 

VFAF National Ambassador, Cait Corrigan traveled to Montana this weekend to attend the Montana GOP Winter Convention with the Montana Veterans Association and spoke at the Montana Hope Event which raised $25K to support the Center for Warriors Foundation to combat veteran suicide.

VFAF takes no percentage in fundraising for Veterans/Law Enforcement suicide prevention efforts.

Montana has one of the highest per capita Veterans populations in the U.S.; about 1 in 10 residents (9.4%) are Veterans.

“From crossing the Delaware River on a cold December night, to the Battle of Gettysburg which led to the Emancipation Proclamation, to storming the beaches of Normandy, ending Hitler’s reign in Europe, to the fight for national security against terrorism post 9/11, everything we are and have become is because of our military heroes. Our veterans the backbone of our nation. Supporting the Center for Warriors Foundation and the work of the Montana Veterans Association is essential in Saving Our Nation.” VFAF National Ambassador, Cait Corrigan

On February 10th at the Montana Hope Event, Cait Corrigan said “Before we send another penny to Ukraine, let’s cut off all funding to nations who chant “Death To America” like Iran. Before we send another penny to Ukraine, let’s ensure each veteran across the nation has the mental health support they need.” In attendance were 8 Montana State Legislators, a staffer to US Senator Steve Daines, and a staffer to US Candidate Tim Sheehy.

22 Veterans succumb to death by suicide every day. National Ambassador Cait Corrigan solemnly stated “One is far too many”.

Veterans For Trump