VFAF Veterans for Trump issues official statement rebuking Brandon Herrera candidate (TX-23) for joking about veterans suicide

“Brandon Herrera is running for Congress in the Texas 23rd Congressional District and a video of him surfaced recently making jokes about active duty and veteran suicides. Herrera could never serve the veterans in the 23rd District, or of this country adequately as a Congressman with this kind of perspective. According to recent data from the VA 17 veterans a day die from suicide. Anyone who has never served asking for our votes but delegitimizes the daily crisis of suicides among our active military members and veterans will not get them. Candidate Victor Avila fully understands the issue and I encourage the district’s approximately 57,000 veterans to vote for him.”

Rob Maness, Colonel USAF, retired.
email: [email protected]

Link To video of Herrera :

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