VFAF President issues statement encouraging focus on the South Carolina primary efforts


Heard from Lauren Boebert’s team today. They will be featuring our VFAF endorsement in a mailer.

What General Flynn and Admiral Kubic started in 2015 was a movement like no other. Veterans impact elections . Veterans and Law Enforcement organized for Trump can take this country back. I am extremely proud of this organization from the beginning in 2015 with Josh Macias and Vlad Lemets , to the middle with Patrick Collis ,and to date with Chad Caton and Myself. I cant name everyone but the most influential veterans and LE leaders are lining up under VFAF from across the country. TV and radio pundits , major donors to 45 , and high profile influencers ready to work in a organized fashion to get this vote out under VFAF Veterans For America First , Veterans For Trump.

It has been a long battle to get from 2015 to now. Leftist infiltrators , stalkers , death threats , break lines cut on vehicles , fake allegations , you name it these hero’s in VFAF have been hit with it. From a Grassroots beginning to a powerful endorsement with US Senators and Sitting Members seeking our endorsement. Now films to impact the nation and reach the masses for 45. This small group of leaders has taken this to what is now over 100K volunteers nationwide reaching millions with our platforms. It is time for all of us to get the vote out to take back this country and stop this insanity with this weaponized assault on 45 and those around him through the injustice system.

Without Donald Trump we have no future as a country. Right now the focus needs to be on winning South Carolina and getting bird brain globalist Nikki the hell out. We need to get past her and focus our efforts on the left. People need to work in unison and complete this mission for 45. DJT has our back at Veterans for America First and we need to have his and WIN SC.

We have the power with what we control to flood the polls nationwide and overcome the steal. We can win in SC and win in November with our organized help. When DJT came down that escalator in 2015 he declared war on the radical left and the establishment. Our organization is made up not just of veterans but high profile fighters of all back grounds. We are all veterans of this war DJT has fought through the ballot box and I cant be more proud of everyone that has stood for DJT with VFAF along the way.

The Trump Train is rolling into SC – lets all be onboard.

Stan Fitzgerald VFAF Grassroots National President

Veterans For Trump