VFAF endorsement of David Winkler for congress (PA-4)


David Winkler is a Republican Congressional Candidate for the 4th District of Pennsylvania, where he aims to bring his leadership, advocacy, and policy skills to serve the people and uphold the Constitution. David is a combat veteran with over 15 years of experience working within the Department of Defense, both as a US Marine Corps Infantryman and a US Army Air Defense Artilleryman. He also served as a Police Officer for the City of Murfreesboro, Tennessee, where he protected and served the community with honor and integrity. 

David is passionate about helping veterans and their families, as he demonstrated by leading Wings for Warriors, a non-profit organization that helped over 5,000 veterans nationwide with various issues, such as health care, benefits, education, and employment. He also received multiple international business awards for his work as a CEO and President of the organization. David is a member of The Fredrick Douglass Foundation a movement that empowers and educates minorities to embrace conservative values and principles.

Veterans For Trump