VFAF endorsed Daniel Cameron for Kentucky Governor launches bus tour


Daniel Cameron serves as the 51st Attorney General for the Commonwealth of Kentucky after winning nearly 58 percent of the vote and 113 of 120 counties. Daniel is the first African American elected to a standalone statewide office in Kentucky’s history. He is the first Republican to hold the office of Attorney General since 1948. Daniel Cameron is launching a six day bus tour across the state starting October 30th.

For bus tour information Day 1 , October 30 : https://secure.winred.com/cameron-for-governor/cameron-for-kentucky-bus-tour-day-1

Day 2 , October 31 link : https://secure.winred.com/cameron-for-governor/cameron-for-kentucky-bus-tour-day2

Day 3 , November 1st link : https://secure.winred.com/cameron-for-governor/cameron-for-kentucky-bus-tour-day3

Day 4 , November 2nd link : https://secure.winred.com/cameron-for-governor/cameron-for-kentucky-bus-tour-day4

Day 5 , November 3rd link :https://secure.winred.com/cameron-for-governor/cameron-for-kentucky-bus-tour-day5

Day 6 , November 4th link : https://secure.winred.com/cameron-for-governor/cameron-for-kentucky-bus-tour-day6

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