Veterans for Trump official Statement on Angie Wong

July 1st , 2023

Statement issued by Stan Fitzgerald President of Veterans for Trump:  

As President of this organization, which is now technically a corporation, I have what is essentially a fiduciary responsibility by law to protect its reputation. The legal duty of loyalty requires the directors to place the interests of the company before any of their personal interests. This legal obligation will be effectively carried out by rebutting a false counter narrative (proven false with evidentiary exhibits not just words) Ms Wong published on her social media and blog regarding the VFAF president, VFAF attorney and three VFAF ambassadors.

This is not a public personal fight but a duty by law to respond and cure this damage. We had no intention of carrying out the Wong removal in a public fashion. We offered Wong an NDA to part ways without being held accountable to her actions. We even made a cordial public statement about Wong’s departing when she was removed, yet she escalated with defaming fabrications. 

Regarding the vetting policy of this organization. The fact Ms Wong was a pay to play media commentator, that is a customer of networks who uses a media booker to appear on shows acting as a commentator (not a salaried reporter), allowed her to gain trust in early 2022 of leadership which I was not part of at that time. In short she was trusted because she appeared on Fox News. That Fox story is now challenged to have been stolen from a congressional candidate who shared it with Wong at the border , images Wong used are now reported to have been stolen from a journalist who also notes Wong applied photos from the AZ border to the TX story and an eyewitness states Wong admitted it was ghost written by someone other than herself in the NY Post from where it originated (see investigative reports for proofs)

I however take full responsibility for this lack of vetting organizational error being that I personally went on to help build her brand and should have taken vetting steps myself which I apologize for not doing. We did however immediately initiate an internal investigation after the first red flag arose. We have now implemented a new VFAF policy effective immediately which you can view on the Veterans for Trump website at

My following statement is based on outside proofs from third party investigative findings – visit for documentation.  On June 30th 2023 former prosecutor, and attorney, Jared Craig filed the first in what will be multiple litigation’s against Ms Wong, you can expect that docket and complaint public on July 3rd or 5th.  Investigator Collis has reported suspected criminal activity to the Coweta County District Attorney, Coweta County Sheriff , Congressional Investigators , The FEC and FBI.

On May 30th, 2023 Angie Wong was removed from Veterans for Trump, Veterans for America First, Legacy PAC and L-Strategies.  The organizations are tied together through partnership and leadership therefore reflect on each other. The same obligation to cure their public image rests with myself.

As per the third party investigative findings (portions of which now public) it has been verified that Wong attempted to hurt the optics of the Trump presidential primary campaign.  Wong attempted to file a false police report to hurt an effective Trump bundler (fundrasier).  Wong attempted to create false optics to make Team Trump look bad.  Wong Made false accusations against my wife.  Wong made false accusations against myself and attorney Jared Craig. Wong used connections, she made through my network, to disseminate her bullshit to members of congress, in an effort to discredit myself and this organization, which has been effective in supporting the America First movement.

To be Clear: After our June 8th cease and desist letter was delivered to Wong she retained counsel pretending not to receive said letter.  Wong then used an attorney letter consisting of her own unverified, and now publicly dis-proven accusations, as if it was evidentiary, to defame those who were investigating her. To date she still has it public, I am told against her own lawyers advice.  To date Wong acts like a squatter in Legacy PAC (A VFAF Partner) waiting for the courts to remove her using the organizational social media that Wong locked out the board members from and continues to use a title from which she was removed from on May 30th 2023.

Wong also in the past has done the same with BlakPAC. BlakPAC is a political action committee focusing on minority issues in politics. Wong recently shared an attorney letter regarding BlakPAC which consists of her own verbal accusations repeated by a lawyer. That is not the same as third party witnesses, written communications, bank statements and legal recordings as those accusations by Wong are just her words with no corroboration.  To be clear BlakPAC is not affiliated with our ventures but they were also smeared by Wong when they questioned her integrity. See the Investigative findings for more details.

Wong wanted a cease and desist order issued against a 96 year old world respected journalist for telling the truth about Wong’s opportunist agenda in an attempted litigation scheme.

Wong attempted to orchestrate fake female complaints against a prominent NYC Republican male.

This VFAF organization has millions of hits on our websites that benefit the America First movement.  This organization has a very successful, and influential, primary endorsement record which Wong cared not if she crashed and burned with false accusations. Wong’s attempted sabotage by defamation to this movement created a wide footprint which will be addressed in court. This attack by Wong came when this organization was launching fundraising operations for America First members and candidates. Even with Wong’s ongoing defamation this organization, in its first effort, raised $22K for Rep Lauren Boebert in Georgia where we took no service fees. Unfortunately, a much higher figure was projected and pledged before Wong began her defamation campaign.

The best way to combat liars is truth. Investigator Collis has had dozens of witnesses give statements against Ms Wong, many of whom do not communicate with each other. That shows no collusion and credibility of the witnesses. There is no political persecution of Angie Wong, that ridiculous self-orchestrated defense by Wong will not work. We have debunked that fairy-tale line by line -see the report issued by Investigator Collis

I am not personally alleging anything as we have Wong’s own written statements in texts and emails, contracts, and bank statements, along with her unwitting co-conspirator on legally recorded call explaining the criminal scheme of embezzlement that she was implementing at L-Strategies who is a partner to Veterans for Trump.  Again, this evidence can be viewed at and you can download the recording to hear for yourself.

As far as myself, my involvement with this movement has always been public record , including my wrongful conviction , which can be viewed on my personal website That website goes back to 1986, I am an open book. I hear there may be a few 1985 photos of myself drinking some beers floating around, but hey It was the 80’s, and I am not running for public office or trying to create a false resume – my website documenting my efforts speaks for itself. To date I have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars of my own funds. I have dedicated my time to run this veteran’s organization (at further financial expense) by sacrificing properly running my own business resulting in less revenue.  My efforts to think outside the box and build a business for VFAF was to benefit the movement. My efforts to start Legacy PAC and even the consulting firm , same reason , it is to benefit the movement not for personal gain. I never had access to banking or contracts as I foresaw the false allegations that were inevitable in American Politics.  I have maintained a wall between myself and monies to avoid these types of allegations. That is enough about me, it is not about me.  This is about Saving America and Wong with her bullshit and schemes outlined by Investigator Collis is apparently working against our movement.

31 days ago my team was willing to let Wong walk away and sign an NDA , we have been forced to responded multiple times since then to cure reputations and now will let the court process bring justice

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