Veterans for Trump invited to home of country music star John Rich in Nashville Tennessee


Patrick Collis Veterans for Trump ambassador was invited to the home of country music singer John Rich in Nashville Tennessee announced Angie Wong Media Rep.

Veterans for Trump thanks John Rich for his patriotic support of President Trump , our vets and conservative values”— Stan Fitzgerald VFAF President

NASHVILLE , TENNESSEE , USA, May 24, 2023/ — By Stan Fitzgerald President Veterans for Trump

John Rich has made his support of the America First agenda along with our vets and law enforcement officers very public over the years all one needs to do is scroll down his verified twitter account

This past weekend at his Nashville home John Rich hosted a fundraiser for John Stubbins’ forthcoming documentary “Invisible” and to honor America’s Special Forces Heroes. Patrick Collis national Veterans for Trump ambassador and President of the Veterans for America First Virginia State Chapter was invited to attend as a personal guest of Stubbins.

Also In attendance were Heather Hobbs Director for John Stubbins organization , Liza Rickard, CEO Innov8n Marketing, Raven Harrison Conservative Warrior , Paris Barns (Martha Fain) Trump fundraiser and Legacy PAC advisory board member , Melissa Isaak, Isaak Law Firm Army Jag ,Boone Cutler, “The Original Warfighter” Founder of the Spartan Pledge. Mark Finchem, Veterans for Trump endorsed nominee for secretary of state, Arizona , Lee Greenwood, Tom Homan former Ice Director and Veterans for Trump advisory board, Glenn Baker country music artist and Ambassador for Veterans for Trump.

Kyle Rittenhouse was also an honored guest where Patrick Collis and his security firm Spartan Investigations & Executive Protection provided protection for Rittenhouse outside the venue.

This was not the first time Veterans for Trump was invited to the Rich home. Donna and Stan Fitzgerald were invited to the home previously by Congresswoman Lauren Boebert whom John Rich is a supporter of.

“Veterans for Trump wants to thank John Rich for his patriotic support of President Trump , our Vets and conservative values and often opening his home for the cause” said Stan Fitzgerald President Veterans for Trump

Veterans for Trump having formed in 2015 as a grassroots organization supporting the Trump campaign has since grown to the nations largest Veterans political pundit for the America Fist movement.

To better implement boots on the ground working towards implementing the America First agenda the organization is launching state chapters. Georgia, Florida, Virginia and now Texas have launched. Contracts have been signed for West Virginia and pending approval for New Jersey, Maryland and Mississippi. For more information on State Chapters contact VFAF National President Stan Fitzgerald

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