Veterans For Trump endorsement of Derrick Evans for West Virginia Congress (WV1)

Veterans For Trump endorsement of Derrick Evans for West Virginia Congress (WV1)


At Veterans for Trump, we rarely endorse against a conservative Incumbent, however Carol Miller has not endorsed Trump for 2024 and Derrick Evans has. In Fact Miller refused to endorsed DJT for 47. Miller has also not yet announced she will run, and her voting record shows 11% of the time she has agreed with Joe Biden. In contrast take America First fighters like Lauren Boebert who voted only 3% of the time with Biden or Andrew Clyde at 4%. Significantly Carol Miller voted for a waiver allowing Lloyd Austin to become secretary of defense which has been a disaster for our military and the world, Lloyd Austin should have resigned after the Afghanistan collapse.

“Derrick Evans is a January 6th patriot who is a victim of the weaponization of our government against conservatives. Evans is the only J6th patriot running for congress. We need Evans in the house to speak for the other victims of J6 and push back on the abuse of the rule of law by the three letter agencies and Soros prosecutors” Said VFAF Founder Joshua Macias who recommended the endorsement to the board.

“Derrick Evans has shown that he is an American Patriot who is willing to fight for our Constitutional Republic. We need fighters to combat our enemies, domestic or foreign” said Attorney Jared Craig Veterans for Trump ambassador

Derrick Evans is a lifelong West Virginian. He was born in Huntington, WV and raised in Wayne County, WV. Derrick received a Bachelor of Arts from West Liberty University where he earned NCAA First Team All American honors as a captain of the football team while also being a contributing member of the men’s track team.

Before politics, Derrick was a conservative and pro-life activist whose passion for ending abortion lead to numerous unborn lives being saved. Derrick also helped to secure legal support for the adoptions of each child whose mother chose adoption.     

Derrick was first elected to the West Virginia House of Delegates in 2020 as he became the first Republican to win his District in over 98 years. At the time it was a multi-member House District almost the size of the current WV State Senate District.  Derrick won in a landslide victory.

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