Veterans for Trump endorsement for Darius Mayfield running for congress NJ 12.

TRENTON, NEW JERSEY , USA , August 4, 2023 — From the L-Strategies Press Room , the official press of Veterans for Trump:


Veterans for Trump aka Veterans for America First has issued an endorsement for Darius Mayfield running for congress NJ 12.

“Darius Mayfield through his activism and philanthropic efforts has made significant Improvements in the lives of many Veterans. He has toured our southern border multiple times and understands the crisis. He will fight corruption, support school choice, and focus on the economy. Darius is a unifier, New Jersey needs Darius Mayfield for congress” said Stan Fitzgerald Veterans for Trump President.

The national veterans organization is known for having a powerful primary endorsement:

Mayfield attributes his humble beginnings of living in Section 8 (Housing Choice Voucher Program) with his mother and sister as his motivation to achieve success for himself and all ambitious Americans. As a result of the lack of school choice, Darius brings this matter to the forefront of his campaign, willing to change the education system that benefits the student rather than the machine.

Darius’s motto, “Not Black. Not White. American.” is more than a belief, but a way of life, placing the collective goals of citizens and residents ahead of special interest groups. Darius started his business journey in the auto industry at age 17, became the youngest sales manager of a Top 25 US auto group, and became the first black general manager in the third fastest growing auto group in the US for 2019. Darius is a self-made business strategist, political commentator, and political visionary.

In addition to his extensive business and political experience, Darius’s philanthropic endeavors have allowed him to co-found Heart-A-Cause. This event series is dedicated to annual marketing and fundraising efforts for local organizations with causes close to his heart. He also worked closely with American Cleanup, a volunteer effort to clean up undeserved neighborhoods across America.

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