Vet Voice media network officially partners with VFAF and VFAF State Chapters to include all VFAF website news releases as part of their press.


The announcement from Vet Voice media follows the launching of the VFAF Texas State Chapter and officially joins the organizations as members of the media.

Vet Voice media was the concept of Stan Fitzgerald , Angie Wong , Vlad Lemets , Josh Macious and Jared Craig. The news outlet falls under L-Strategies LLC for ownership. Representatives from VFAF ,and their state chapters, creating “News” should be considered Journalists and be afforded the same first Amendment rights as mainstream media. Vet Voice media reps should also be considered for press pass options at events. To date Vet Voice has obtained press passes from Turning Point USA and RAV. The organization has hundreds of thousands of views on their YouTube channel.

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