The nation is re-introduced to VFAF at CPAC


From a grassroots movement in 2015 to the national stage of influence in 2024 . VFAF is running as a well organized national machine that just wrapped four months of service on the SC Trump campaign accumulating with a landslide victory and dozens of national media hits at CPAC.

America is getting behind Trump , and Veterans , as our most influential voting block of leaders , are getting behind us at VFAF.

VFAF is rising to the top of grassroots influence and will reach millions through two documentary films being released in 2024. “Border Invasion – An American Crisis ” streams March 8th on SalemNOW and “VFAF Veterans for Trump – the Movement” will air summer 2024 to rally the troops in support of Donald Trump winning his third in a row!

Veterans For Trump