Texas Veteran Ryan Briggs blocked by Texas SOS Bureaucracy from filing his LLC business registration, VFAF to assist.


PRESS LINK: https://fox2now.com/business/press-releases/ein-presswire/658701197/texas-veteran-ryan-briggs-blocked-by-secretary-of-states-office-from-filing-his-llc-business-registration/

Ryan Michael Briggs , a disabled Veteran , has been rejected by the Texas Secretary of States office from officially filing his LLC paperwork because he has the word “Veteran” in the title.

Briggs reached out to our national organization through Victor Avila , one of our Texas endorsed congressional candidates.

The Rejection letter attached below states the business must have permission from a congressionally approved Veterans organization to use the word Veterans in the name. While Texas may have had good intentions here to help prevent scams Mr. Briggs clearly establishes he is in fact a Veteran and the office rejected it anyways. Further, in a effort to be in compliance of their request Mr. Briggs contacted each organization named in the rejection letter for their approval , not one of them even returned his call.

At Veterans for America First AKA Veterans for Trump we actually care about our Veterans , as does former President Trump , and we here confirm Mr. Briggs is a Veteran that should be allowed to use that title in his business name. We also will reach out to our boots on the ground in Texas to help move this past the bureaucracy in the Secretary of States office .

Mr.Briggs manufactures concealment boxes for gun storage or securing other valuables.

Veterans For Trump