TEAM TRUMP / VFAF Press Conference 1-25-24 South Carolina


1-23-24 VFAF President Stan Fitzgerald received a call from Team Trump asking if we could dispatch a team to the SC State House to protest rank choice voting and support election integrity bills by Rep. Rob Harris.

The reply from Fitzgerald was : If anyone can fill a building in SC on short notice that would be VFAF National ops director Chad Caton. President Trump would be closely monitoring the bills with real time updates of the proceedings.

Team Trump’s Michael Alfaro flew in to SC to meet with VFAF’s Chad Caton and the efforts were successful as the team shut down the rank choice voting attempt by the establishment. The election integrity bills were postponed in a positive development.

Caton is currently on leadership of the South Carolina Trump Campaign Veterans for Trump collation with Veterans for America First SC state chapter team members Teddy Daniels and Robert Cornicelli. As of today, the SC Trump campaign has amazing numbers for the forthcoming Save America collation. Caton will be starting a 90-day media blitz speaking on behalf of the Trump campaign as well as promoting the forthcoming documentary “Border Invasion – An American Crisis”

Veterans For Trump