Steve Maxwell for Virginia Spotsylvania County Sheriff endorsed by Veterans for Trump



Veterans for Trump is announcing the endorsement of Steve Maxwell for Virginia Spotsylvania County Sheriff. 

Steve Maxwell is a former deputy sheriff who served in narcotics, he is a combat veteran and currently a criminal investigator with the DOD.  Steve Maxwell is an America First candidate who supports former president Trump.

Maxwell has been attacked by the establishment recently getting hit with a violation of the Hatch Act by the DOJ , simply for thanking the Republican party for his endorsement.  “At Veterans for Trump national we stand with Steve Maxwell in his fight against the establishment” said Stan Fitzgerald Veterans for Trump president.

At Veterans for Trump we feel county and municipal elections are important and have been forming state chapters to better support local candidates. Virginia has a state chapter launched and President Patrick Collis has also announced the Virginia VFAF State Chapter endorsement of Steve Maxwell.

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