Stephanie Stock for Ohio State Central Committee endorsed by VFAF



Stephanie Stock is president of the Ohio Advocates for Medical Freedom (OAMF) ,PT Assistant, Conservative mom & Advocate for INFORMED CONSENT & the freedom to decline any medical procedure including vaccination!

Stock had previously been endorsed by VFAF Ambassador JR Majewski who recommended her for VFAF board review in the endorsement application process.

“Stephanie Stock is a patriot who will fight for Ohio and America First Values she has our full endorsement and support” said Stan Fitzgerald VFAF national president.

VFAF is currently building state chapters to better organize boots on the ground for the America First movement. One of the directives of state chapters is to support America First GOP candidates to take back the party. The Ohio state chapter is forthcoming so VFAF National has issued the endorsement of Stephanie Stock for State Central Committee.

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