Stan Fitzgerald Veterans for Trump President invited to meet former President Trump in Georgia.


Stan Fitzgerald VFAF president, and Legacy PAC founder, with his wife Donna were invited to meet with former President Donald J. Trump at the Georgia State GOP Convention in Columbus GA


Fitzgerald is the current president of the national veteran’s organization, also known as Veterans for America First, which speaks for millions of conservative vets and first responders. The organization is considered to have an influential endorsement in primary races.  Residing in Cobb County Georgia, Fitzgerald was also a delegate at the convention.  With his wife Donna the couple have been very involved in national politics since the 2020 election including multiple invites to Bedminster and Mar-A-Lago meeting with the former president.

“President Trump is the greatest president in American history. Our organization will use all its resources and boots on the ground to help see him win the primary and take back the White House in 2024,” said Stan Fitzgerald

The Georgia State GOP Convention final day was a MAGA high energy event with the President delivering impactful remarks. President Trump energized the base which carried over to the delegates voting for those candidates most closely aligned with the President and/or election integrity efforts.

Veterans for Trump had two big endorsement wins in Caroline Jeffords and Salleigh Grubbs both known for their efforts in election integrity throughout the state.  

Police Chief Stoney Mathis ,who was VFAF endorsed last cycle, lead the motorcade from the airport to the convention center.  VFAF President Stan Fitzgerald, Ambassadors Donna Fitzgerald, Debbie Dooley and endorsed candidate Salleigh Grubbs were all backstage to meet with the president . Trump , who was on top of his game, motivating movement leaders and thanking the teams for the effort.

Georgia’s LT Governor Burt Jones and congresswoman Marjorie Greene, both VFAF endorsed last cycle were backstage greeting the VIPS.  Georgia VFAF state chapter president Jared Craig, who is also the Legacy PAC president, did several media hits as well as the John Fredericks show leading into the president’s speech carried live.  FBI Whistleblower Steve Friend who was set up with Veterans for Trump also was featured on Fredericks. 

Most of Georgia’s VFAF ambassadors attended the convention to help secure votes for a MAGA party takeover including Mallory Staples, Mark Lajoye , Theresa Shen , Justin Kelley , Cooper Guyon and Courtney Kramer.  

The Party leadership has been set and prepared to move forward to grow the conservative base, Georgia is expected to play a significant role in the 2024 Presidential race.

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