SPOTLIGHT : SC VFAF Volunteer Craig Tabler makes over 2500 Trump calls.


Craig Tabler of Little River SC , VFAF Trump Campaign Volunteer , made over 2500 calls recently for President Trump with 900 in the last week alone. For his hard work and dedication to the Trump campaign with our South Carolina VFAF Team we wanted to take a moment and shine a spotlight on his work and thank Craig for this effort.

BIO: Highly accomplished information technology professional of 20+ years and with 10 years of success as Microsoft SQL Server Database Administrator in enterprise-wide environments; with an emphasis on SQL Server upgrade/migrations, performance tuning and optimization, in support of SQL Server 2022, 2019, 2016, 2014. Azure database and managed services experience of 5 years. Proven ability for tackling complex endeavors and excels in fast-paced environments, in collaboration with internal and exteranl teams.

Veterans For Trump