Op-Ed by Chad Caton: Crisis at the Border – Unveiling the True Scale of Unchecked Immigration – Published.


Editor’s Note:  What follows is an op-ed piece submitted to us by US Navy veteran and Ops Director for Veterans For America First, Chad Caton. It is presented here unedited. The views expressed in this piece are his own. We thank Chad for his contribution. — GDM

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Crisis at the Border? That is putting it mildly.

It’s time to quit expecting this administration to do anything to save our country from the invasion at our southern border. We have listened to this administration admit there are “some” issues at the border but they have done nothing to curb the influx of illegals crossing over. The question we should all be asking is what is the threshold? How many do they intend on taking in and at what cost?

In 2023, there were an estimated 670,000 “Got Aways” that entered the United States without apprehension, and nearly 5,000 “Give Ups” (those who intentionally seek apprehension) per day are being captured, processed and then released into our country…. by our own border patrol!  So, are they vetted? How can they be?? 

It is a misconception that we are being invaded by those that originated in South America. Those apprehended and processed are found to be from over 140 different countries. A flight to Brazil or some other “vacation/getaway spot” in South America and then they ditch their identification into fields, swamps or wooded areas and begin their trek up to the border to enter the United States by foot. 

These illegals don’t care about our country or our people.  That was proven by the video of the police in New York, being kicked in the face then the attackers let out laughing flipping the bird to the press. These are fighting-age men from God knows where, and we are rolling out the red carpet feeding them and housing them. Our government is kicking veterans and others out of housing to give those beds to illegals.   This has to be a nightmare we just can’t wake up from. 

Over and over the Biden Regime tells us, until recently, “we have operational control.” What?? Close to 10,000,000 illegals have been dumped into this country not knowing who they are or even where they are now. HHS (Health and Human Services) has admitted in a congressional hearing that they don’t know where 250,000 children have been placed.  Wait!  I thought the social justice warriors were against this.  AOC goes after Tom Holman, former  Acting Director of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) for a memo of zero tolerance separating children while the “parents” are questioned and verified to be the children’s parents instead of being trafficked. But conservatives are called insensitive and racist? When did safety and accountability to the actual citizens of this country becoming racist? 

The number one job of government is the safety of its people. Fentanyl deaths around 300,000 (brought in by China, by the way) enough has been brought in to this country already to kill every man woman and child twice already. 250,000 children lost after coming across the border. Healthcare overrun so bad that the VA, yes, Veterans Administration, is treating illegals over Veterans in which it is almost impossible to get a simple eye exam already for us that have VA healthcare!! 

I can go on…. But everyone pretty much sticks their head in the sand, especially the 50% of the country that call themselves Democrats. Hiding from the truth yet are so triggered by the “orange man bad” that they choose to support an evil regime that is doing these things to their fellow Americans because of a twisted, hate-filled ideology of Donald J Trump.  

 We are not safe. We are not a sovereign country any longer. We are not being represented we are being dictated to. We are sitting on the tip of a pin waiting to fall into the collapse of this Republic.

 It is time to call this what it is: an invasion of biblical proportions. If this administration is not willing to utilize their power and obligation to secure our borders, then it is up to us to do the job they refuse to do. 

It says “We the People” at the top of the constitution… Not “Them and Their People!”

It’s about time to show up, stand up, and speak up. It’s our Republic! Fight for It. 

Chad A. Caton 

National Director of Operations VFAF/Veterans for Trump 

Veterans For Trump