Mayor Trent Staggs endorsed by VFAF for Utah Senate


Veterans for America First AKA Veterans for Trump is announcing the endorsement of Trent Staggs for Utah Senate announced Stan Fitzgerald VFAF President


Trent Staggs is a business leader who will strengthen the economy and fight the establishment putting America First”— Stan Fitzgerald VFAF Veterans for Trump grassroots President

RIVERTON, UTAH, USA, November 7, 2023 / — From the press room of L-Strategies – The official press of VFAF Veterans for Trump grassroots national

Trent Staggs was elected mayor of Riverton, Utah, on November 7, 2017, after serving four years on the Riverton City Council. He was officially sworn into a second term of office on January 4, 2022

As mayor, Trent has taken a business-oriented approach to government, lowering taxes while increasing services for residents. Under his leadership, Riverton boasts the lowest utility fees in the valley. Not only has he refused to raise property taxes, Trent has cut those taxes and saved over $10 million.

He’s led in planning with neighboring communities for smart, sustainable growth while ensuring adequate infrastructure and open space. He’s a proven leader and fiscal conservative. He has been consistently pro-liberty during the COVID lock downs, has protected the right to life of the unborn, and pushed back on damaging policies like ESG.

Trent Staggs is a full-time entrepreneur and business owner with more than 20 years of experience running and managing successful Fortune 500 companies to small- and medium-sized enterprises. Trent has been involved in consulting executive teams, creating a reputation for himself as someone who can get ailing organizations back on their feet. Most recently, Trent served on the board of directors of a company that he helped take public, getting the company listed on NASDAQ in 2022.

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