Joe Diamond with 77 WABC’s COP TALK show named VFAF Ambassador


Joe Diamond of 77 WABC’s COP TALK named VFAF Ambassador to expand police representation through VFAF. Diamond is also a journalist recently published in NewsMax.

Joe Diamond believes that it is vital to forge the closest possible ties between first responders, veterans and the great grassroots patriotic movement that President Trump has launched to save America. As the producer of WABC Radio’s “Cop Talk” podcast, Joe has made President Trump’s Agenda47 public safety plans a consistent part of the show. He has scheduled high-profile guests including Lara Trump, Roger Stone, Karoline Leavitt, Sarah Palin, and Andrew Giuliani to discuss the President’s law-and-order proposals.

Joe first gained prominence through his anti-crime advocacy group, Take Back New York, which focused on toughening laws against violent felons. It was Joe’s earlier work on the campaign staff of Mayor Rudolph Giuliani that inspired his dedication to the cause of law and order. Under Joe’s leadership, Take Back New York launched ParoleWatch, an innovative website that provided public access to information on convicted felons in New York State coming up for parole review. 

Joe has written about crime and public policy in various outlets including the New York Daily News, the New York Post, City Journal, Newsmax, and the Washington Times. He has also written for law enforcement publications On Patrol and Police Magazine.

Joe’s work has been covered by Wired Magazine, the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, New York Magazine, ABC World News Tonight, Fox News, CBS News, and CNN.

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