GA State Freedom Caucus President Mallory Staples is an Ambassador with VFAF. The caucus publishes a newsletter “Under The Dome”


GA State Freedom Caucus President Mallory Staples is also an Ambassador with VFAF Veterans for Trump. The caucus publishes a newsletter “Under The Dome” which you can sign up for through [email protected].

This weeks newsletter is Under the Dome | “How Did We Get Here?” | Vol. 38


President Ronald Reagan said, “The nine most terrifying words in the English language are “I’m from the government and I’m here to help.” I believe that to my core. We are a nation of doers- hard-working, independent, industrious, innovative people who do not want or need the government in our lives. We want our money, property, children and futures to be stewarded by us alone. We don’t want government program after government program taking care of everyone and we resist the current welfare state that has been built and championed by those in power.

YET… here we are. In Georgia and DC, to my utter astonishment, republicans out pace the democrats carrying bills that grow the size of government, increase the tax burden on citizens, further choke small businesses and families with more regulation and INFRINGE on personal freedoms and liberties. How did we get here? How did we get from a Reagan America based on meritocracy and all men created equal to a Biden nation that is vulnerable & compromised. BAD LEADERS. From the Oval Office to the Boards of Education and everything in between all across this nation we have been sold out to lobbyists and corporations. Selfish, weak men and women have incrementally moved us in a perilous direction for a long time.

The solution is ACCOUNTABILITY- such a powerful thing. It works. You see it in AA, good parenting and our nation’s system of checks and balances. The book of Proverbs speaks often of the wisdom of a multitude of counselors. That is us. We are the people’s oversight committee and I am humbled and grateful for your response to the calls to action. You all make the wins happen. We will continue to watch every single bill that moves into committee in Georgia. Our elected officials need us to oversee them.

In January of 2020, while running for Congress I joined Stan and Donna Fitzgerald at the border with Veterans for America First. That was a life-changing trip. We joined General Mike Flynn, Admiral Chuck Kubic, Mark Morgan (Former Commissioner of Customs and Border Protection), Tom Homan ( Director of ICE serving under 6 Presidents) and Ben Bergquam with Real America’s Voice. What my friends and I saw- I’ll never forget. The rape trees, the cartel snipers in the trees and the 9 illegals who boarded my flight home having gone through security with just a soiled piece of paper while I was required to show my ID. For 3 years we have been under invasion and for 3 years state and federal elected officials have done nothing. We’ve never needed accountability more that we do right now.

Thankful to VFAF for the opportunity to witness all of this live. The woman carrying her baby across the Rio Grande River as to distract Border Patrol so that the 200+ illegals could cross untouched- I will NEVER forget. Our Vice Chairman ,Senator Colton Moore, held an Interstate Commerce committee hearing last session to educate and mobilize the Senate on this crisis. Tom Homan testified along with many others. An ambassador for VFAF, Senator Moore has continued to sound the alarm in Georgia about the impact the Biden open border is having on the nation and Georgia. Every state is a border state when 6 million+ flood into a country. Below, you will note the red bags each illegal carried at the airport on their flight to Atlanta. I watched the night before as CBP apprehended some illegals and handed them over to Health and Human Services (HHS) before the 20+ NGO’s asked them where they wanted to fly to in the United States. It is a government run taxpayer funded travel service for foreign law breakers. They are outfitted with these bags which have cellphones, cash and clothes. They are given medical care and food. You pay for it. Then, they come into your state and suckle off of the government for every aspect of their existence. What other nation on earth does this???? NONE.

WE MUST DEMAND THAT OUR ELECTED OFFICIALS DO SOMETHING. Please follow Mallory Staples , Senator Colton Moore and the GA Freedom Caucus on social.

Mallory Staples was a featured interviewee in the documentary ” The Fall of Deceit” produced in partnership with VFAF

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