Diana Starr of Kentucky appointed as VFAF ambassador.


Diana Starr Campaign Strategist/ Manager , KyChair Republican Women’s Federal Forum/ DC ,CEO Saving Sinners Tour and Constitutional KY Board Joins VFAF.

 Diana Starr’s dynamic career spans diverse sectors, bridging the realms of construction and healthcare, and ultimately converging into the complex world of politics and advocacy. With a keen ability to navigate and surmount governmental red tape, Diana has emerged as a formidable force in the realm of political activism and campaign management.

Her foray into the political arena manifested in the years between 2020 and 2023 when she undertook the strategic leadership of political campaigns. Her contributions were instrumental in campaigns such as those of Chris Henning for Congress, Claire Wirth for Congress, and   Deters for Governor. During this period, Diana honed her expertise in grassroots organizing, public relations, and strategic communication, all essential elements in the political landscape.

What distinguishes Diana’s journey is her unwavering commitment to battling bureaucracy, corruption, and the encroachment of medical oversight, which she fervently refers to as “medical tyranny.” Her pursuit of good governance and the protection of individual liberties remains at the forefront of her mission.

Beyond campaign management, Diana Starr’s influence extends to mobilizing and uniting the people of Kentucky in the fight for freedom. She has played a pivotal role in orchestrating significant events, including Muhlenberg, Freedom Fest, Liberty Fest, Leadership Forum, Republican Women’s Federal Forum (Kentucky Chapter), the first and only chapter in the US and the Constitutional KY board dinner. These gatherings have drawn hundreds of passionate individuals, united by a shared commitment to the principles of liberty and constitutional governance.

Diana’s ability to attract renowned leaders to these events is a testament to her impact in the political arena. Her guests have included distinguished figures such as General Flynn, Tom Homan, Sheriff David Clark, Mike Lindell, and other influential voices, both from her home state of Kentucky and across the nation. She is an advocate for Veterans, the wife of an disabled vet and daughter of one as well.

Presently, Diana Starr is on a mission to enlighten and engage the citizens of Kentucky, young and old, about the high stakes of our present moment. She passionately advocates for standing resolutely for the values of faith and country in this critical hour.

Diana Starr’s journey is marked by her tireless dedication to political activism, her determination to fight for individual liberties, and her unwavering commitment to educating and inspiring others to join the cause for a better, more principled future. Her personal quote shows all this as she speaks” Patriotism is never convenient, and it shall never be”.  In addition, on she has currently been involved with a group” Saving Sinners Tour as CEO and speaker, whose mission will bring the word of God, Family and country to the youth of this nation.

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