Bob May for MA State GOP Committee 2nd Essex endorsed by VFAF Veterans for Trump


Veterans for America First aka Veterans for Trump has issued an endorsement of Robert May for Massachusetts State GOP Committee 2nd Essex

AT VFAF one of the missions we have is building state chapters. The state chapters will better organize our boots on the ground to fight for Trump and the America First agenda. The states will be making local endorsements as well as GOP endorsements to take back the party. Robert May in Massachusetts is running for state committeeman , we are endorsing him at the national level considering the MA state chapter is forthcoming.

Robert May Jr. was born in Everett, Massachusetts. He earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of Lowell in 1986 and a graduate degree from Northeastern University in 1995 – for more information visit

The VFAF endorsement vetting process focuses on the America First agenda as a priority and in this cycle whether or not the candidate has endorsed Donald Trump for 47. We also look at military background. A veteran who is a true America First patriot will have priority over a non-vet but there are millions of Veterans that lean left or establishment. VFAF does not support establishment Republicans regardless of military background.

“At VFAF endorsed candidates need not be Veterans. Our vetting process identifies the candidate who best represents the America First agenda. In fact occasionally we find Veterans on the wrong side of the movement to Save America and supporting Donald J Trump. Bob May is a Patriot who supports DJT and will fight for America First policy supporting the right candidates to take back Massachusetts from the left and the establishment , he has our full support” said Stan Fitzgerald VFAF president.

Veterans For Trump