Veterans for Trump issues a statement of support for Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton

Veterans for Trump issues a statement of support for Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton


“ The weaponization of the government towards America First conservatives at both the federal and state levels is appalling. Here we see the Texas establishment weaponize the impeachment process to remove a very popular and effective sitting Attorney General.  Our national Veterans group stands with AG Paxton condemning this action and will fight like hell to primary out the RINO’s who voted for this “said Stan Fitzgerald Veterans for Trump national president.

Recently our organization launched a state chapter in Texas for better organizing boots on the group. Texas state chapter President Michael Champion issued the following statement and editorial analysis of this impeachment.

The Wrongful Impeachment of AG Paxton: An Unjust Political Maneuver

By Michael Champion :


In recent years, political polarization and partisan maneuvering have become increasingly prevalent in the United States. Unfortunately, this trend has seeped into the realm of legal and judicial proceedings, as evidenced by the wrongful impeachment of Attorney General Ken Paxton of Texas. While the impeachment process is designed to hold public officials accountable for their actions, it must be undertaken with fairness, objectivity, and respect for the principles of justice. However, in the case of AG Paxton, it is evident that the impeachment proceedings were tainted by political motivations, thereby compromising the integrity of the entire process.


Ken Paxton, a prominent Republican and the Attorney General of Texas, has faced numerous challenges throughout his tenure. His unwavering commitment to conservative values and his legal challenges against federal policies have made him a target for political opponents. In 2020, the allegations against him intensified when several of his top aides accused him of abuse of power, bribery, and other misconduct.

Political Motivations:

It is crucial to recognize the political motivations that underpin AG Paxton’s impeachment. The timing of the impeachment proceedings coincided with several key events, including the 2020 presidential election and the ongoing battles over state policies regarding voter rights and immigration. AG Paxton’s staunch support for conservative causes and his vocal opposition to federal overreach earned him the ire of those who disagreed with his political stance. It is not coincidental that the allegations against him gained momentum during a highly charged political environment, suggesting that his impeachment was a calculated move to neutralize a powerful conservative voice.

Lack of Due Process:

One of the cornerstones of any fair impeachment process is the guarantee of due process for the accused. However, in AG Paxton’s case, this principle was disregarded. The impeachment proceedings were riddled with procedural irregularities, and the accused was denied the opportunity to present a robust defense. The process was rushed, leaving little time for comprehensive investigations or the presentation of exculpatory evidence. This lack of due process undermines the integrity of the impeachment and calls into question the motives behind it.

Selective Enforcement:

Another troubling aspect of AG Paxton’s impeachment is the selective enforcement of accountability. While he faced allegations and subsequent impeachment, other public officials who were embroiled in similar or even more severe controversies were spared the same fate. This double standard raises serious concerns about the equitable application of justice. It suggests that AG Paxton was singled out for political reasons, further reinforcing the argument that his impeachment was an act of political retribution rather than a genuine pursuit of justice.

Impact on Public Trust:

The wrongful impeachment of AG Paxton has had a detrimental impact on public trust in the justice system. When impeachment processes are perceived as politically motivated, it erodes faith in the system’s ability to deliver unbiased justice. Citizens become disillusioned, questioning whether the rule of law is merely a tool for political gain rather than a means of upholding justice and accountability. This loss of trust weakens the foundations of democracy and undermines the social contract between the government and its citizens.


The wrongful impeachment of Attorney General Ken Paxton of Texas represents a troubling trend in contemporary politics: the weaponization of the impeachment process for political gain. The lack of due process, the presence of political motivations, and the selective enforcement of accountability all point to a deeply flawed impeachment that undermines the principles of justice and fairness. It is imperative that we address these concerns and work towards a more objective and equitable approach to holding public officials accountable. Only by upholding the integrity of the impeachment process can we restore public trust in our institutions and protect the foundations of democracy.

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