Michael Alfaro and Chad Caton quoted in most read liberal SC Paper “Post and Courier” shutting down Rank Choice Voting

1-26-24 *Thumb photo – Michael Alfaro working on defeating Rank Choice voting with Sarah Palin Press ; https://www.postandcourier.com/politics/ranked-choice-south-carolina-voting-elections/article_bc4c6f50-bb9f-11ee-8451-e39f1f70e664.html From the article : Others argued that the effort could disenfranchise voters who could not understand the ballot, seemingly comparing it to the literacy tests deployed to keep Black voters from voting during the Jim Crow era. […]

VFAF endorsement of SC Rep Robert J. “Rob” Harris

1-26-24 “Rep Harris has endorsed Trump for 47 and fights for election integrity at VFAF he has our full support and endorsement” said Stan Fitzgerald President Visit Rep Harris’s Website at https://www.harrisforsc.com/about/

Veterans For Trump