Jared Craig VFAF Veterans for Trump spoke at Georgia Freedom Caucus Rally with GA Senator Colton Moore

9-8-23 From the press room of L-Strategies : The official press of Veterans for Trump https://fox59.com/business/press-releases/ein-presswire/654559136/vfaf-veterans-for-trump-spoke-at-georgia-freedom-caucus-rally-with-ga-senator-colton-moore/ The Georgia Freedom Caucus director ,Mallory Staples , held a rally yesterday at the state capital in Atlanta which took place after Senator Colton Moore’s press conference on calling for a special session in Georgia to address Fani Willis. […]

Moore Capito WV Gov candidate misleading voters into thinking he is a veteran.

9-8-23 West Virginia gubernatorial candidate, Moore Capito (R), son of Sen. Shelley Moore Capito (R-WV), features a photo of himself on his campaign website that appears aimed at misleading voters into thinking he is a veteran. The photo, which appears in the “Get to Know Moore” section of his campaign website, features Moore wearing a […]

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