VFAF statement on SCOTUS Presidential Immunity Case


Veterans For America First , Veterans For Trump Statement on Supreme Court of the United States on Donald J. Trump Presidential Immunity Case.

Presidential Immunity is important for an administration’s continuity of function. One characteristic of any government is that they can do what citizens can not. A US President, IS the Executive Branch of the federal government. The President of the United States should be entrusted with the full extent of Executive Power, Authority, and Immunity. Impeachment is the check on Executive Action; not crimal prosecution.

The political weaponization of the judiciary was never intended in our Constitution as the appropriate tool for checks and balances. Subjective and Politically motivated prosecution are the threshold of tyranny. The Supreme Court of the United States was intended to be immune from political influence. Their role is to determine the constitutionality of governmental infringement and enforcement of laws at the state and federal level. It was never intended to interrupt or impact the political process.

If the Supreme Court of the United States denies President Trump’s immunity, the Executive Branch will be wrongfully and indefinitely neutered, rendering it powerless to the Deep State, faceless bureaucrats, and special interest groups. Neither party should want this.

We stand with President Trump because he stands with us!

VFAF Attorney Jared Craig

Veterans For Trump