Veterans for Trump team was invited to Mar-A-Lago for post arraignment speech.

Stan Fitzgerald, Veterans for Trump National President, announced that Greg Aselbekian represented Veterans for America First, also known as Veterans for Trump, in the Campaign Coalition at the post-arraignment speech in Palm Beach.


Veterans for America First, also known as Veterans for Trump, attended President Trump’s post arraignment speech in Palm Beach as part of the campaign coalition. Greg Aselbekian represented the organization and reported that the president was in good spirits and gave a strong speech. Aselbekian also expressed that the campaign teams and voices for Trump are energized and that Veterans for Trump will work around the clock for a Trump primary victory.

Angie Wong, organization national media representative, was on the ground in New York City and covered the event as a pundit for the President on several media hits throughout the day.

Admiral Kubic, group’s national spokesman, recently released a statement on the indictment of the President. In the statement, Admiral Kubic expressed concern about the abuse of prosecutorial discretion and called on congressional representatives to address these questions immediately before such Banana Republic political persecutions become an accepted political tactic leading to the destruction of our constitutional republic. Admiral Kubic also encouraged all Veterans to express their deep concern personally to their elected representatives and collectively in peaceful protest against the behavior of the Manhattan District Attorney as he carries out the anti-America orders of his anarchist political master. Admiral Kubic is a former foreign policy advisor to President Trump.

Our team at Veterans for America First was proud to have our representatives participate in the campaign coalition supporting President Trump’s post arraignment speech. We believe in his message and will continue to work tirelessly to ensure his primary victory. We will continue to honor our oath to protect America from all enemies.

Veterans For Trump