Veterans For Trump Issues statement on Marine Veteran Daniel Penny and the death of Jordan Neely.


We as an organization value all lives and pray for the family of Jordan Neely. At Veterans for Trump we believe in the right to self defense and applaud those who defend others. Daniel Penny is a Marine Veteran who acted to defend others. We believe he should not be judged in the media, by the media or with prejudice. The Veteran deserves fair legal proceedings with his rights upheld.


MANHATTAN, N.Y.May 9, 2023PRLog — Veterans for Trump aka Veterans For America First Official Statement on Marine Veteran Daniel Penny and the death of Jordan Neely

The following statement from our organization has been issued by Angie Wong our national media rep:

When the government will not enforce the law, brave heroes will have to step up to protect the innocent.

When citizens become members of the US military, they take a life-long oath to serve and protect Americans. This commitment does not go away after one is discharged from the military. From witness testimonies and video footage it appears that Marine veteran Daniel Penny was doing exactly that on May 1st, protecting New York subways riders from a man making verbal threats who held 42 prior arrests.

We support all brave men and women who continue to serve and protect when our government fails its duties. Today, Legacy PAC and Veterans for Trump are making financial pledges to Sergeant Daniel Penny’s legal fund and hope you do the same.

Please support Sergeant Penny’s legal fund.
For more details on the legal fund contact [email protected]

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