Trump Bus overshadows Tiny DeSantis box truck at Veterans for Trump mini-rally in Georgia during Ron DeSantis event.

According to Stan Fitzgerald, the national president of Veterans for Trump, the 2024 Trump bus was rolled in by Danny Hamilton for a gathering organized by Debbie Dooley, the national ambassador of Veterans for Trump, at a Ron DeSantis event in Cobb County, Georgia.


Veterans for Trump, also known as Veterans for America First (VFAF.ORG), organized a mini-rally at Adventure Outdoors in Smyrna, GA, while Gov. Ron DeSantis hosted The Florida Blueprint at the world’s largest gun shop. Debbie Dooley, National Ambassador for Veterans for Trump and co-founder of the Tea Party added, “Georgia is clearly for Trump.”

Stan Fitzgerald, Veterans for Trump national president and Legacy PAC founding partner, criticized DeSantis’ support for Red Flag laws, stating, “The irony of DeSantis holding an event at a gun shop is that he supports Red Flag laws, which is clearly not part of the America First agenda he claims to stand behind.”

As the Danny Hamilton Trump bus arrived in the parking lot, the crowd of Trump supporters cheered. Organizations such as Georgia state chapter Veterans for America First, Tea Party, Maga Drive, The Dilley Show, Bikers for Trump, and Legacy PAC also participated in the event.

Jared Craig, president of Georgia VFAF and Legacy PAC founding partner, expressed his disappointment with the turnout for DeSantis, saying, “I see just about 150 people in line for Desantis, very low energy. Last time Trump held a rally in Georgia we had about 30,000 attend the high energy event.”

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