Captain Robert M. Cornicelli named VFAF President.

5-3-24 Robert Cornicelli has been named VFAF president for the 2025-26 two year term effective, in advance, at this time. Captain Cornicelli replaces the temporary president Jason Loughran. Our organization is grateful for Jason Loughran who , with his exceptional organizational skills, was able to complete the transition ahead of schedule. Captain Cornicelli served with […]

*VINDICATED* Stan Fitzgerald steps down as Veterans for America First President.

UPDATED Revised 3-29-24 by VFAF Legal : The legacy of Stan Fitzgerald, former president of Veterans for Trump over the past four years, brims with remarkable achievements for both the nation and the America First movement. His resignation (below) marks a significant chapter in the history of not only our organization but also in the […]

Darren Bailey endorsed by VFAF Veterans for Trump for congress Illinois’ 12th district (IL-12)

1-9-23 Veterans for America First AKA Veterans for Trump has issued an endorsement of Darren Bailey for congress Illinois’ 12th district said Stan Fitzgerald PRESS LINK : Darren Bailey is a patriot who stands for America First values and President Trump , the establishment incumbent does not. Bailey has our full endorsement and support.”— […]

John Stubbins appointed as VFAF ambassador.

10-30-23 Veterans for America First AKA Veterans for Trump appointsd John Michael Stubbins , a veteran , as Ambassaor announced Stan Fitzgerald VFAF President PRESS RELEASE : John Michael Stubbins is a patriot who served our country and is using his talent to help Save America. We appreciate his efforts and are honored to […]

Ryan Miller former Navy Riverine Combat Crewman appointed VFAF Ambassador

10-26-23 Ryan Miller former Navy Riverine Combat Crewman, and founder of Spartan Private Security Orlando , joins VFAF Veterans for Trump as Ambassador From the Riverine Squadron to Spartan Security , Ryan Miller performs above and beyond , we are honored to have him join us.— Stan Fitzgerald VFAF Veterans for Trump grassroots President ORLANDO […]

Actor Michael Copon joins VFAF and endorses Donald Trump for President

10-9-23 Actor Michael Copon announces his endorsement of Donald Trump for President 2024 and joins VFAF as an Ambassador. Copon will be touring the southern border with VFAF November 1-4. Actor Michael Copon , of Power Rangers fame , endorses Donald Trump for President and joins Veterans for America First as Ambassador announced Stan Fitzgerald […]

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