President Trump shares Veterans For Trump (VFAF) Endorsement on his social media.

On May 12, 2023, the Veterans For Trump / Veterans for America First organization received a great honor – President Donald Trump shared their endorsement on his social media page. The announcement was a screenshot of the endorsement statement from Veterans for America First, also known as Veterans for Trump, which praised the President for his unwavering support of the military and veterans. This endorsement meant a lot to the organization, as it confirmed their belief that President Trump is the best choice for America’s military and veterans.

The news of the President’s endorsement was first relayed to Stan Fitzgerald, the National President of Veterans for America First, by former White House Political Director Brian Jack. The organization was ecstatic upon hearing the news and took to their social media to express their gratitude and excitement. The endorsement was shared among the organization’s supporters, and they were encouraged to share it as well.

This endorsement was a testament to the hard work and dedication of the members of Veterans for America First. The organization has been vocal in their support of President Trump, and their message has resonated with many veterans and military members across the country. The President’s acknowledgment of their endorsement was a significant validation of their efforts, and it made them feel that their hard work had paid off.

Overall, the Veterans for America First organization was extremely proud and honored to have received the President’s endorsement. They believe that this endorsement will help them to gain more support for their cause and that it will help to spread America First message across the country. This endorsement was a significant milestone for Veterans for America First, and they look forward to continuing their work in supporting President Trump and advocating for the needs of veterans and military members

Veterans For Trump