Veterans For Trump / VFAF Invited to Mar-A-Lago by Team Trump for Donald J. Trump’s 47th Presidential Announcement

Legacy PAC and Veterans for America First (VFAF) recently had the honor of being invited to Mar-A-Lago for the historic announcement of Donald J. Trump as the 47th President of the United States. Angie Wong, President of Legacy PAC and VFAF Ambassador, along with Donna and Stan Fitzgerald, represented the organizations at the event, which was attended by the President, First Family, and leaders of the conservative movement.

As part of the Trump coalition team, Veterans for America First/Vets for Trump is playing a vital role in policy and coalition building during the run-up to the 2024 Presidential election. This was evident at the Mar-A-Lago event, where Russ Vought from the Trump Administration and the Center for Renewing America (CFRA) was also in attendance. VFAF’s Stan Fitzgerald is partnered with CFRA, and Angie Wong was recently invited to the weekly calls.

Admiral Kubic, VFAF’s National Spokesman, was also on the guest list but was out of the country. Meanwhile, VFAF Ambassadors Kevin Sorbo, Ngoc Trang Castelli, and Binh D Vo were present at the event, adding to the significance of the occasion.

For Legacy PAC and VFAF, being in the room with the President and First Family, and alongside the country’s conservative leaders, was a moment of great honor. Being invited to Mar-A-Lago is a testament to the organizations’ commitment to promoting the values and principles that President Trump championed during his tenure.

As the 2024 Presidential election approaches, the work of Veterans for Trump / Veterans For America First and its partners in the Trump coalition team becomes increasingly critical. With events like the Mar-A-Lago announcement, the organization is well-positioned to continue shaping policy and building coalitions that will help ensure America’s future success.

Veterans For Trump